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Weddings and Fertility

Read below to learn more about how the impact of the pandemic on weddings may have impact fertility and family planning timelines.

Whether for cultural, religious, or personal reasons, some couples choose to delay having children until after their wedding. Of course, others do not delay having kids or choose to have children on a timeline that is not dictated by marriage.

Among the numerous impacts of the pandemic, many couples have had to postpone their weddings—some for a year, and others longer.  For those who choose to wait to have children until after their wedding, this also means delaying or pushing back starting a family to match their new timeline.

With couples facing year or years-long engagements, the idea of a “pre-event” pregnancy is being talked about. Some couples may choose to forego their previous notions of timelines and go in a new route.

Of the myriad of reasons why some couples may choose to have kids before getting married, some may choose to go this route because of fertility reasons, especially if age is of concern. They are getting older or fear that another year or so of postponing having children will impact their ability to conceive.

Knowledge is power, and the more information one understands about their fertility, the more optionality they have. One way for couples to get more information on their fertility is to speak with a medical professional or reproductive endocrinologist. Fertility testing is also a way for individuals to get information on their fertility.

Whether you choose to delay pregnancy or not due to weddings being postponed, having a conversation around family planning and fertility with your partner and fiancé is important as it can help you better plan for the future.

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