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Age Matters

Men age 40+ have a decreased sperm count compared to men ages 20-29. They are also more likely to pass on birth defects, neuro-cognitive disorders, and increase the risk of miscarriage.

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1 in 10 men in the U.S. are infertile

50% of known couple infertility cases can be attributed to the man. 20% of couples can expect incidents of infertility. Studies found that infertility can often be attributed to poor sperm quality.


The Global Trend

Men are having children later in their life. Millennials are 50% as fertile as their father‘s generation. There is a 5x longer time-to-pregnancy at age 40 than at age 25 due to male infertility.

We’re reimagining male fertility by providing a modern, accessible option directly to men. No clinics, no unnecessary costs, just $99 for the kit and fertility report then $99 a year for storage.

Step One

Order your kit

Our patented, temperature-controlled kit is discreetly delivered to your home and back to our lab for $99. Deposit your sperm, refrigerate, and send off using our secure overnight shipping process.

Step Two

Receive your fertility report.

Within 24 hours of receipt, a lab technician will process your sperm deposit and email you a personalized fertility health report.
Step Three

Store your deposit

Healthy deposits are stored in our secure lab facility for $9.99 monthly or $99.99 annually, giving men a low-cost, long-term option for storing their sperm.

Real Customer Experiences

From navigating the website, to customer education, and their impeccable customer service, Dadi has made what I thought was going to be a challenging and expensive process simple and affordable. Having a plan for the future was important to me, but having Dadi as a partner in that plan has truly given me peace of mind, and I cannot express enough how important this company is for any man making this decision. Their care, compassion, and utter professionalism was nothing short of exemplary.

Joey, 39

Protecting your future family
for a fraction of the cost.


We believe in empowering you by drastically breaking from the norm. Our pricing is simple and accessible, a one-time $99 fee for your at-home sperm kit and fertility test + $9.99/month or $99/year to freeze your sperm.

$99. $1000–$5000 Standard clinic prices