The Impact of Stress on Fertility
How To Increase Male Fertility

The Impact of Stress on Fertility

How does chronic stress affect your fertility? Read on to learn more.

Stress, which can occur for numerous reasons, can negatively impact infertility. Stress causes the body to produce high levels of cortisol which can negatively impact sperm quality. Scientists have published data showing that acute stress, stress pertaining to a specific stressful event, can inhibit testicular function. Research has shown that men who experience two or more stressful events in a year displayed a decreased percentage of sperm motility and an increased percentage of abnormal sperm. Stress can also occur because of everything from job stress to relationships to fertility concerns. Another study concluded that occupational stress could lead to reduced testosterone production.

Stress is pretty much impossible to completely avoid, so it is necessary to find methods to manage it. Although this is especially true if you have a highly stressful job or have been diagnosed with a fertility problem, stress management can be beneficial regardless. The effects of stress are not limited to fertility but can affect other aspects of physical health and mental health.

A few methods to manage stress include exercise, yoga, walking, or meeting with a therapist. Exercise releases endorphins that heal sore muscles and improve your mood, combating the effects of stress. Yoga similarly encourages people to clear their mind, improving your mood and helping you take a break from what is causing you stress. Exercise as little as walking outside can have a therapeutic effect on mental health, reducing stress. Lastly, meeting with a therapist can help if you are struggling with stress management. Many stress-inducing circumstances can be challenging to overcome, and a therapist can often help you find a method to do so.

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