Understanding the Benefits of Semen Retention

Understanding the Benefits of Semen Retention

Semen retention may have benefits for the male body. Read on to learn more about semen retention.

Retaining your semen is something that sounds completely foreign in our western world. Most men assume that ejaculation is always a part of sex. However, choosing to retain your semen may come with surprising benefits.

First, what is semen retention?

Semen retention is a practice and lifestyle that involves refraining from ejaculation during sex and masturbation. Some cultures believed that semen contains our most potent life force, and giving it up constantly and frivolously drains us.

So what exactly are the benefits of semen retention?

Semen Retention May Help With Your Drive and Confidence

Some people believe that semen retention may give you increased self confidence and motivation. This may make you more productive and improve your mood.

You May Have Better Performance in the Bedroom

Some men claim that semen retention will give them better sexual performance.

Male sexual performance is often tied to their confidence and sense of self. If you feel like you're not able to perform at your best, it can be a huge ego hit and may even make you shy during sex.

Online communities that practice semen retention say that it allows men to last several rounds since you’re separating your orgasm from your ejaculation. Instead of having to recharge, or pass out and go to sleep, you will be may be able to have sex multiple times. There isn’t any data from studies to confirm this, however.

It May Help You Have Clearer Thoughts

Men that practice semen retention may also see improvements in mental health. This may mean decreased anxiety, less brain fog, and an easier time processing thoughts. Think about the last time you ejaculated. While it felt good in the moment, your next feeling was probably lethargy and fogginess.

You Can Build on Your Spiritual Practice and Emotional Intelligence

Semen retention is a Taoist sexual practice. Some men find that it leads to better emotional intelligence and stronger spiritual practice.

There's a reason that monks and other religious devotees refrain from sex. Think of it as a form of fasting that allows them to get in touch with their Higher Self and reroute the energy to become more productive and connected.