How To Increase Male Fertility

What Is Acupuncture Fertility and Does It Help Increase Fertility?

It's time to start a family, and healthy sperm can increase the odds of producing a healthy baby. Can acupuncture help? Learn about acupuncture fertility here.

Did you know that about 9% of men and 11% of women experience issues with fertility? Once they decide to conceive, couples will often seek various forms of fertility therapy to see what works. There are several types of fertility methods out there.

Acupuncture for fertility has become increasingly popular, and there are locations that do this popping up across the country. It is non-invasive and may have implications on fertility. While the idea of needles may be scary, this method is becoming increasingly popular among those looking for natural or holistic approaches.

It's time to start a family, and healthy sperm can increase the odds of producing a healthy baby. Can acupuncture help? Learn about acupuncture fertility here.

What Is Acupuncture For Fertility?

Acupuncture is a 3000-year-old practice originating in China. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body possesses nearly 2,000 pressure points.

These pressure points connect to pathways and link through our entire body, meaning that everything is connected. That includes our endocrine system, which manages our stress, and our reproductive system.

When we experience stress, whether that stress is physical or mental, our pituitary gland sends those signals throughout our body. When this happens, it can affect our reproductive system, leading to lower sperm and egg counts.

An acupuncture specialist pricks the body with thin, metallic needles to hit every pressure point possible. Afterward, they use electrical stimulation to increase your chi and blood flow. That ultimately may lead to relieving stress in the body, especially in your reproductive organs.

How Does Acupuncture Work For Female Fertility?

Acupuncture may have several effects on women's systems, especially when it comes to hormones and their cycles. Since these treatments increase blood flow, they may help send that blood to the uterus, creating a healthier uterine lining.

It also may help to balance the menstrual cycle, which is crucial to conceiving. When you have a more regulated menstrual period, you can better assess what time of the month is optimal for conception.

How Does Acupuncture Work For Male Fertility?

When it comes to men, there have actually been several studies around fertility, specifically on the impact on poor semen quality. One systematic review and meta-analysis suggested that evidence around acupuncture's impact on male fertility parameters is insufficient.

More On Acupuncture Fertility

One of the main aspects to remember is that acupuncture can alleviate stress. stress may have implications on fertility, so if you're looking to destress, acupuncture may be an option for you.

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