When Should I Freeze & Store My Sperm?

Obviously, the choice of when to freeze sperm is yours. But there are some scenarios you may want to consider.

Advancing Age

The biological clock is not a myth. Although men often have a longer fertility window than women, the sexual health and quality of sperm still declines with age. Some people opt to have children at a young age, while others may want to save higher quality sperm cells in their younger age for later use.

With cultural and economic shifts happening worldwide, the average age for having children is increasing. Some people want to establish careers or have specific experiences before having the responsibility of kids. But the risk of infertility increases with age.

Sperm freezing has arrived to help people conceive in their desired timeframe. You can save your sperm at a young age to avoid potential fertility problems in later years.

Testicular or Scrotal Surgery

Testicular or scrotal surgeries may interfere with spermatogenesis. This does not mean everyone who undergoes these procedures experiences infertility. It is a potential risk, and a proactive approach dictates preserving fertility. So, it’s a good idea to discuss the risks with your healthcare provider so that you can have the option to freeze your sperm before a medical procedure.

Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy may reduce male fertility. The toxicity levels have decreased with the some newer technologies, but most males who undergo chemotherapy and radiation still have a higher risk of infertility.

It’s better to freeze sperm before starting cancer treatments. Structural changes in sperm happen during continuous exposure to toxic chemotherapeutic drugs, so storing sperm before these changes occur gives you a better chance of preserving fertility.

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries may damage the nerve supply to the penis and contribute to infertility. Sperm freezing helps people with spinal cord injuries preserve fertility.

Diabetes and Other Medical Conditions

Diabetes can affect your nerves, including the nerves to the penis. People with diabetes type 2 may experience erectile dysfunction because of these changes. This interferes with sexual well-being and increases the risk of infertility. Sperm freezing can be a useful option to preserve fertility in people with diabetes.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Sperm Freezing?

No. The sperm freezing procedure is straightforward and demands a sample collection only. You do not take any medication or undergo invasive procedures.