Why Your Partner Should Test His Sperm

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Should my husband, boyfriend or partner test his sperm and fertility?

It's important that men understand their fertility because men are half of the conception equation, and male factor infertility also comprises 40-50% of all cases of infertility worldwide. About 2% of all men exhibit suboptimal sperm parameters.

Many people don’t start to think about their own fertility until they are actively trying to conceive. However, you don’t need to wait until then to think about or better understand your reproductive health.

Men can be proactive by getting their fertility tested, to address any underlying questions or concerns when they are ready to have children.

Male fertility testing can help to identify potential male fertility concerns. If male factor infertility or fertility-related problems are detected early, men can be advised accordingly and directed towards the right treatment plans or lifestyle changes which could save time and money down the line.

A semen analysis is a part of male fertility testing, and now at home sperm testing kits allow men to collect their semen in the comfort and convenience of their own home, instead of having to deposit at a sperm bank or clinic.

Knowledge is power. By having your partner get a semen analysis, you as a couple can have more information and options for the future.