Your Underwear Choice and its Impact on Fertility
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Your Underwear Choice and its Impact on Fertility

What is the impact of your underwear choice, whether it be briefs or boxers, on your fertility? Click here to find out.

Although researchers are divided on whether tight-fitting underwear reduces sperm quality, they generally agree that elevated temperatures have an impact.  One study looked at the "type of underwear worn and markers of testicular function."

Underwear choice can affect the temperature of your testicles, where tight undergarments, especially those made of less-breathable fabrics, can cause overheating. In opposition, loose-fitting boxers allow your body’s natural cooling and circulation to work effectively, keeping your testicles at their healthiest temperature. Some men even choose to go commando and opt not to wear any type of underwear at all during parts or all of the day.

The placement of your testicles outside of the body is designed to protect sperm by keeping them at a temperature slightly lower than your core. While there are a series of variables that can affect their temperature, such as environmental factors, underwear choice is a variable well within your control. That being said, if you work in environments such as engine rooms or busy kitchens where your body is unable to cool itself efficiently, it may also be beneficial to take breaks to cool off.

The same can be said for working in offices where sitting for too long can cause your testicles to get too hot. This also applies to individuals who are drivers or truckers, who may have to sit for an extended period of time while driving a motor vehicle.  As mentioned earlier, if you sit all day, it may be work taking breaks to stand up and cool off.

Similarly, individuals who work from home may find themselves sitting with a hot laptop directly on their lap. Sitting with a hot laptop on your lap can raise the temperature of your testicles. Wearing tight-fitting underwear can accelerate their heating in all of these circumstances.

Regardless of your choices to wear boxers or briefs, or maybe even no underwear at all, there are a number of daily decisions within your control that may have an impact on your fertility.

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