Testing and Storage

The specimens are stored in a state-of-the-art laboratory, which is under constant surveillance. Storage is supervised by a staff of highly trained cryogenic and laboratory professionals.


Security and Responsibility

We ensure remarkable on-time, secure, and discreet end to end delivery. In all steps of the process we uphold the highest standards for maintaining the privacy and security of our customers. Your information is confidential, and is shared with you and no one else.

Highest Medical Standard

Dadi works with one of the largest full-service cryogenics labs in the world based in Boston.


Once your sperm is collected, it is cryopreserved in a liquid nitrogen tank at -321 °F, a temperature at which all metabolic processes are suspended.


We store your deposit in 3 separate vials, giving you 3 opportunities to fertilize an egg. When you‘re ready to utilize your sperm deposit, we coordinate delivery with you or your IVF medical facility.


Dadi maintains strict policies to ensure that each client’s identity is tracked throughout the entire banking and storage process.

A Future Family

Dadi provides a chance to preserve a healthy life for a child. We let you decide when the right time is to have a family, and assure you‘re prepared when that time comes. Dream about the future without worrying about your fertility.

If you’ve ever thought about having kids, we’re here, for whenever you’re ready.

Store now to make sure you have options later.