General Questions

What if I want to test my sperm, but not store it?
Unfortunately, we do not offer the fertility report without at least a one-year storage subscription.
Where is the service available?
Dadi is currently licensed and available across the continental United States.
What is the total cost of the service?
Dadi is close to 10x more affordable than existing sperm banking.

The cost of the kit and test is $199 and the first year of cryogenic storage for 3 vials is free.

Additional years of storage are $99 per year and you can cancel anytime.

If you wish to withdraw your deposit for use, there is a $299.99 withdraw fee.
What is the success rate?
Freezing sperm has proven to be successful, and the use of frozen sperm has also been proven to be successful. The longest time between freezing and use ever reported is over 25 years. In theory, you can freeze sperm up to 200 years, and it has been shown that there is no difference between frozen sperm and fresh sperm for most men.
What information will my fertility report contain?
Your fertility report will contain your total volume, concentration, and sperm count. In addition, you will also receive a video of your sperm. Your fertility report is referenced to the World Health Organization reference group, so you can see where you are relative to the world.
How long will it take to get my kit?
When making your order, you may select your preferred delivery date. The kit can be scheduled for delivery as early as 3 days from the date of order, not including Sundays and Mondays.
How do I know my sperm deposit and personal information is secure?
All deposits are stored in our secure lab facility and supervised by a staff of highly trained cryogenic and laboratory professionals following the highest medical standards.

Our customer data is not our product. The information customers share with us will never be distributed to external agencies.
Can the account be under my partners name?
The account name needs to be the person supplying the deposit.
Is it beneficial to store more than one sample?
When the deposit is received, it is divided into three separate samples, so three separate attempts are possible. However, it is certainly reasonable to send more than one sample to store multiple vials.

Is Dadi Right for You?

Who should be freezing their sperm?
Freezing sperm should be available to all men, and in particular, men who may be undergoing chemotherapy, cancer treatment, in high risk jobs, military, or those undergoing gender confirmation surgery. Even more simply, anyone who may want to start a family in the future, sperm freezing acts as an insurance policy to ensure their sperm is healthy and viable when they need to use it.
At what age should I freeze my sperm?
Sperm production generally begins between the ages of 11 and 17 years of age, and sperm freezing can begin at any age that sperm production occurs. Although sperm production continues with age, fertility does change as age increases.
Can I get my sperm tested for other types of results?
We are only able to provide the results located on our fertility report here
I have a penile implant. Can I use Dadi?
Having a penile implant will not affect your ability to freeze sperm, and would not affect your sperm production.
I’m considering hormones or gender-reassignment, is Dadi right for me?
Before gender reassignment surgery, even if individuals have been on hormone treatment for a period of time, it is certainly prudent to perform a semen analysis, as individuals will still have sperm. If there is sperm, freezing the sperm is a very reasonable option, as with continued hormone exposure, production could decline. Even if there are no sperm, there are still options, and we encourage speaking to a physician about other steps that make sense.

Using the Kit

How long does my kit last when I get it?
The kit is designed to last in the fridge up to 10 days prior to use.
Can I use lubricant when masturbating in the cup?
In an ideal world, you would not use any lubricant. If you must, use a lubricant made specifically for fertility purposes, as these do not contain the preservatives that will damage sperm.
What if I have problems ejaculating?
If you are experiencing problems ejaculating, it is advised to see a physician, as there are many treatment options available.
I only ejaculated a small amount. Will my sample still be viable?
There is no strict correlation between the amount of ejaculation, the volume, or the concentration. It is not necessarily a problem, and any amount can certainly still be frozen and viable.

After Using the Kit

Can I return my kit to Fedex on a weekend?
No. Do not drop the kit off at FedEx on Saturday or Sunday, as FedEx does not offer first overnight shipping. Our lab is open through the weekend, so Friday drop-offs are good!
Where is my return label?
Your return label is located on the bottom of the blue box. Seal the kit using the provided stickers provided and return to your nearest FedEx Ship Center® location.

Click here to search for your nearest location FedEx Ship Center® on the Fedex website. Make sure only the filter for FedEx Ship Center® is selected.
Where do I drop off my kit?
You can drop off your kit at the counter at any FedEx Ship Center® location.

Click here to search for your nearest location FedEx Ship Center® on the Fedex website. Make sure only the filter for FedEx Ship Center® is selected.
Where is my sperm being stored?
Your sperm deposit will be tested and stored in Boston at NE Cryogenics which has been in business for 47 years. We partnered with NE Cryogenics because they run one of the most technologically advanced labs in the world and offer a best in class service.
How is my sperm being stored in the lab?
When the semen is received, it is processed, analyzed, and divided into three separate vials. These vials are immediately frozen, and each vial can be individually thawed and used. A fertility report is also generated and sent to you.
How many times can I use my frozen deposit?
Each collected deposit will be divided and stored in three separate vials, giving you three opportunities to fertilize an egg from a single collected deposit.
I'm ready to use my stored sperm deposit—What do I do?
When you are ready to utilize your sperm deposit, send an email to, and we will coordinate delivery with your IVF medical facility.
What happens if my results come back negative? Do I still have to pay for storage?
The first year of storage is free. You are only charged the $199.99 upfront cost for the kit and test.