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Why store your sperm?

of US couples experience infertility.
of infertility cases are caused by men.
the amount sperm count has declined over the last 40 years.
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Who should be freezing their sperm?
Sperm freezing acts as an insurance policy to ensure your sperm is healthy and viable when you need to use it. Freezing sperm should be available to all men, and in particular, men who may be undergoing chemotherapy, cancer treatment, in high risk jobs, military, or those undergoing gender confirmation surgery.
I’m considering hormones or gender-reassignment, is Dadi right for me?
Before gender reassignment surgery, even if individuals have been on hormone treatment for a period of time, it is certainly prudent to perform a semen analysis, as individuals will still have sperm. If there is sperm, freezing the sperm is a very reasonable option, as with continued hormone exposure, production could decline. Even if there are no sperm, there are still options, and we encourage speaking to a physician about other steps that make sense.

How does the kit work?

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Do I need to refrigerate the kit?
There’s no need for refrigeration. Our patented kit uses a unique preservative that protects your deposit until it reaches our lab.
Can I use lubricant when masturbating in the cup?
Avoid the use of lubricants. If you must, use a lubricant made specifically for fertility purposes, as these do not contain the preservatives that will damage sperm.
I only ejaculated a small amount. Will my sample still be viable?
There is no strict correlation between the amount of ejaculation, the volume, or the concentration. It is not necessarily a problem, and any amount can certainly still be frozen and viable.
How do I know my kit is secure?
After you collect into the cup, screw the cap on tight and push the button on the lid to release the preservative. Place the cup back in the kit and use the provided security band to lock the corner of the kit closed.

We use 2-factor authentication so you can trust your deposit is truly yours. Register your kit with the 9-digit code on the bottom of your cup. This also correlates with the code on your security band so you can rest easy knowing your deposit is truly yours.

What happens after I use the kit?

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How do I ship my kit back to the lab?
When you’re ready, attach the return label on the bottom of the blue box to the outside of your kit, and simply drop off your kit at any FedEx Ship Center for free overnight shipping back to our lab.

Do not drop the kit off at FedEx on Saturday or Sunday, as FedEx does not offer first overnight shipping. Our lab is open through the weekend, so Friday drop-offs are good!
What information will my fertility report contain?
Within 24 hours of receipt, a lab technician examines your deposit in order to evaluate your sperm count, concentration and volume. We’ll email you a personalized fertility report, including a video of your pre-freeze sperm under microscope. With our Advanced Report + Fertility Expert Consult Kit you’ll also receive a morphology report, and have the option to speak to a fertility specialist to get a diagnostic and discuss next steps
How is my sperm being stored in the lab?
Your sperm deposit will be tested and cryopreserved at the highest medical standard in Boston at the New England Cryogenic Center, one of the largest full-service cryogenics labs in the world since 1971.

Your deposit is processed, analyzed, and divided into three separate vials. These vials are immediately frozen, and each vial can be individually thawed and used, giving you three opportunities to fertilize an egg from a single collected deposit.
Is it beneficial to store more than one sample?
Three fertilization attempts are possible per deposit. For increased opportunities to fertilize an egg in the future, consider storing multiple kits.
What happens when I’m ready to use my sperm?
When you are ready to utilize your sperm deposit, send an email to, and we will coordinate delivery with your IVF medical facility.

General questions

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How does a man’s fertility change with age?
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How does taking hormones effect sperm production?
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What is the success rate?
What’s the overall cost?
piggy bankDadi is close to 10x more affordable than existing sperm banking. The cost of the kit and test is $199 and the first year of cryogenic storage for 3 vials is free. Additional years of storage are $99 per year and you can cancel anytime. If you wish to withdraw your deposit for use, there is a $299.99 withdraw fee.
Where is the service available?
Dadi is currently licensed and available across the continental United States.
What if I want to test my sperm, but not store it?
Unfortunately, we do not offer the fertility report without at least a one-year storage subscription.
What is your Refund or Return policy?
Due to strict medical standards, Dadi can not accept returns or issue refunds after the kit has been shipped. If you experience any issues or have questions, please contact us via email at
What is the success rate?
Freezing sperm has proven to be successful, and the use of frozen sperm has also been proven to be successful. The longest time between freezing and use ever reported is over 25 years. In theory, you can freeze sperm up to 200 years, and it has been shown that there is no difference between frozen sperm and fresh sperm for most men.
How do I know my sperm deposit and personal information is secure?
All deposits are stored in our secure lab facility and supervised by a staff of highly trained cryogenic and laboratory professionals following the highest medical standards.

Our customer data is not our product. The information customers share with us will never be distributed to external agencies.
Is there a loss in sperm motility due to transport of sperm?
The kit's preservative is used to protect the sperm on its journey back to the lab. Loss in sperm motility is generally between 10–15%.
Can the account be under my partners name?
The account name needs to be the person supplying the deposit.

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